Since graduating with a degree in Architecture from Central Saint Martins, Maria Vorobyeva devotes her time to breaking the boundaries of buildings. Free from the restrictions of reality, she makes work concerned with the phenomenology of architecture and explores the eternal possibilities of spaces; their secret folds and corners, the layers of history, the memories and the emotions. Her autonomous creations are part imagined, part recalled; striving to realise the intangible and reconstruct the forgotten. 

Maria uses digital and handcrafted elements to create her three-dimensional environments. Plaster models and traditionally painted textures are scanned into her meticulously crafted constructions to give them an uncanniness layered with experience and consciousness.

Although currently based between London and Berlin, Maria has exhibited her work throughout Europe. She recently held her first solo-show at Das éclat in Schorndorf to critical and commercial success. 




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